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At Amax Payroll we have skilled professionals who will provide quality service to your organization. We make payroll our priority and will ensure that you adhere to, and comply with the latest labour and tax legislation. We provide a comprehensive service ranging from payroll processing, to the payment of employees salaries, ensuring that all salary payments are done accurately and on time. By outsourcing to us, we will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your payroll is taken care of, while still having controle over the process.

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Specialised Services

Complete payroll processing of monthly, fortnightly and weekly payrolls
Leave administration
Payslip printouts
Generating of monthly payroll and variance reports
Secure salary transfers via various payment platforms
Monthly Employee Tax (EMP201) Returns
Mid-year and year-end IRP5 reconciliations
Registering and maintaining of employee data at The Department of Labour (UIF)

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